Dennis Camire recently published “Combed by Crows” with Deerbrook Editions. His poems have appeared in Poetry East, Spoon River Review, Mid-American Review, Hamilton Stone Review, Maine Public Radio, and in other journals and online zines.  Currently he teaches writing at Central Maine Community College and is on the board of Maine Poetry Central which curates The Portland Poet Laureate Program and the poetry series, “In Verse: Maine Places and People,” which appears in The Sun Journal.

Jim Glenn Thatcher is a high school dropout with a BA in History, considerable graduate work in Modern Intellectual History, and an MFA in Creative Writing. A freelance writer with work in many papers, he was a Contributing Writer at Maine Times, the initial reviews editor at The Café Review, for two years a monthly columnist for Maine In Print (while it still was in print) and is currently a freelance art reviewer for The Lewiston Sun Journal. His poetry has appeared in, The Puckerbrush Review, Poetry Miscellany, The Contemporary Review, Stolen Island Review, and a number of issues of both Animus and The Café Review.  His chapbook “The Ur-Word” was published in 2008 by Moon Pie Press. He has been a recipient of a Martin Dibner Fellowship, a finalist for a Philip Roth writing residency at Bucknell, and a semi-finalist in both the 2014 and 2015 Paumanok Poetry competitions. Over the past seven years he has won two First Prizes for individual poems and nine Honorable Mentions (two of which were short-listed for First), all from New Millennium Writings.

He currently teaches at Southern Maine Community College.


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