Esther Buffler

Esther Buffler came to poetry later in life from a long career in storytelling and professional theater. She devoted the last 25 years of her life to writing, teaching and sharing her talents in New Hampshire.
She staged a touring production about American women poets, was a poet in residence at star island and promoted poetry in local schools. She published five collections of poetry including Only Now. Her last book, It’s All Ahead, is published by Phineas Press and is available at RiverRun book store. Esther died in August, 2002 at the age of 93. Currently a fund in her memory supports an annual  poetry residence in the Portsmouth schools.

For her Laureate project she produced the audio CD compilation High on Poetry with Esther Buffler and Friends highlighting the seacoast poetry community of 1998. 

Listen to the entire album High on Poetry below!

Esther Buffler Intro

August – Esther Buffler

When Dogs Dream – Todd Abernathy

Indulgence – Todd Abernathy

The Fifth Day – Marie Harris

The Seventh Day – Marie Harris

Movies in a Small Town – Walter E Butts

The Note – Walter E. Butts

Rumors – Robert Dunn

Barber Shop – Robert Dunn

The Woods House – Alda Irons

Homage to a Photograph – Alda Iron

Pass Me that Apple Please Eve – Rick Agran

Curl, Curve – Rick Agran

July_August – Maren Tirabassi

Summer Twilight – Maren Tirabassi

Kettle – Mekeel McBride

Zero Gravity – Mekeel McBride

The Deliberation of Birds – Mark DeCarteret

Apology – Mark DeCarteret

 YiaYia’s Story – Anne Drakopoulos

At My Victorian Dressing Table -Anne Drakopoulos

Night Storm Surf -Diana Durham

Jig-Saw Puzzle – Diana Durham

Starting Small – Alice Fogel

Sweet Vein – Alice Fogel

Peak Experiences of Retirement – Joann Lipshires

The Black Widow Spider – joann Lipshires

Women of Avignon – Hildred Crill

As Soon as They Say I’m Preganat – Hildred Crill

Sheila the Hat – Pat Parnell

Once Upon a Time – Pat Parnell

War – Mark M. Adams

Drifting – Mark M. Adams

Chambered Nautilus – Joyce Heapes

54 Ford Convertible Red Upholstery – Joyce Heapes

After Dinner with Friends at the Rosa – S Stephanie

New Castle, NH – Elizabeth Knies

I Look Out – Elizabeth Knies

End Touch – Esther Buffler












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