Current Poet Laureate – Lauren WB Vermette

Lauren WB Vermette is our 14th Poet Laureate.

Lauren’s hairstylist once asked her if poetry was her hobby; she replied, No, it is my identity. Poetry has been her savior, her refuge, her way of life, and most importantly, it is how she connects with others. She is very shy by nature, but poetry allows her to open up, and that opening, in turn, lets others in. For her, there is an intimacy in how poetry paints pictures on the canvas of the mind, and then stretches, root-like, to the chambers of the heart. Poetry moves, and is moving. Lauren has been a dedicated member of the poetry community of Portsmouth and the seacoast for 11 years and has hosted The Hoot and Beat Night Readings both now in their 25th year. Lauren’s work has appeared in Rat’s Ass Review Journal, Sledgehammer, Solstice, and Underground Writers Association, among others. Her first collection of poetry, And The Form Falls Away (2018), was published by Bee Monk Press. She makes her home in Dover New Hampshire.

Check out and purchase Lauren’s book And The Form Falls Away

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