On this episode, Diannely breaks bread with baker and beloved tea time friend Teddy Klemarczyk and they talk about focaccia, the body, and Anna Swir.

Teddy Klemarczyk is a baker by day, fledgling poet by night, and occasional local model in between it all. An advocate for body neutrality and acceptance of the self, they find beauty and inspiration in body imagery, touch, and the natural world. She’s found contentment in her work as a baker at local Kittery haunt Lil’s Cafe, where you can find her slinging crullers and other treats. A lover of all things comfort, her ideal day would be reading by the creek and swinging in a hammock in the hazy green heat of summertime, wine optional (but highly recommended.)

Poem(s) discussed: “Large Intestine” by Anna Swir and “Sea Legs” by Teddy Klemarczyk

Guest: Teddy Klemarczyk, IG: @regularsizedrat

Instagram: @breadandpoetrypodcast
Twitter: @breadpoetrypod

Photo Credit: Najee Brown @authoredby
Theme Music: Stu Dias @stuartdiasplaysmusicsometimes

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