Wed Mar 1, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Cara Losier Rollergirl Chanoine is patiently waiting for someone to cast her as Marc Bolan in a T. Rex biopic. In the meantime, she is a college English professor and the author of How a Bullet Behaves, Bowetry: Found Poems from David Bowie Lyrics (Scars Publications 2013 and 2016), Philospher Kings (Silver Bow Publishing 2023) and the multimedia chapbook The Sad Girl Mix Tape. Her creative work has appeared in The Threepenny Review, Red Fez, WINK, and other publications. Her scholarly work particularly focuses on the relationships between text and performance in poetry, an interest partly fostered by her experiences as a NH open mic poet and a competitor at the National Poetry Slam. Her article “Ethnopoetic Transcription and Multimodal Archives: Toward a More Comprehensive Approach to Slam Poetry Scholarship” is forthcoming in the Winter 2023 issue of Oral Tradition. She likes rats, bad horror movies, and rollerskating.

Philosopher Kings is a book about students, teachers, and the spaces in which they become the same people. Especially, it is a love letter to the messiness of learning, to the ways in which it constitutes survival. Learning is hardly ever what we imagine it to be. It happens just as frequently in dive bars and subway cars as it does in the classrooms of august brick buildings. It does not care about the hardships we endure to pursue it. It has no sympathy for what we love or who we lose or how we fail again and again. It only cares that we keep showing up. Learning is not quiet or easy, but Philosopher Kings frames it as an adventure that is always worth the struggle. Philosopher Kings is available through Barnes and Noble, BooksamillionAmazon and directly from Silver Bow Publishing.

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