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  "Beauty is not caused.  It is." ~ Emily Dickinson

Poems  from  the  Hoot

Lesley Kimball, recent past PPLP Co-Chairperson, welcomes another full house to the Poetry Hoot on Feb. 6, 2008. Poetry Hoots are held the first Wednesday of the month from September to June at Cafe Espresso in Portsmouth.

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Dear Readers,

These are previous selections from the monthly poetry series, "Poems from the Hoot."

We have selected from poems read at the monthly Poetry Hoot night for publication in this space — and added a few thoughts of our own.

These articles were taken from Spotlight Magazine, published every Thursday in the Portsmouth Herald.  This "Poems from the Hoot" column is published the last Thursday of each month.

To have your work considered for review, the poem must be read at The Poetry Hoot and submitted to us ~ Please limit your piece to a maximum of 19 lines/15 words per line.

Keep writing - one and all,
    Past PLP Hoot Committee, Lesley Kimball, past Chair

Read Poems and Reflections:


Hazards of Love -- by Adam Shlager  8/25/2011

Slightly Entangled -- by S L Manning 

Bittersweet Garden -- by Mano Mitsui

Up There — By Rosemary

Valentine — by Terry Karnan

Too Much of Something Really Great — by John-Michael Albert

Standing "O" Sonnet — by Fred Samuels

ABC ... CBA, for Spring — by ed pacht

Maple Trees Cluster — by Cleone T. Graham

The Thief in a Hungry Man  — by Julie Wheeler

Valentine — by Marie Harris

One Month After Nixon Quit His Job — by Patricia Savage

Bakery Mornings — by Molly R. Hearn

Autumn Ballet — by Joan Rochette

Downsizing — by Tammi Truax

At Windows On The Water — by Hugh Hennedy

The Allure of Murder — by Jon Shutt

The Fan — by Joyce Corcoran

Floodgates — by Jack Jamison

Niche — by Bob Moore

The Moon Came — by Cleone T. Graham

Grandpa Jim — by Nancy Dnovan

January — by Helena Minton

The Beach — by Hugh Harter

September 10, 2007 — by Neil English

Teaching Mother to Swim — by Nancy Jean Hill

Open — by Christopher Locke

Beach Walk — by Anne Dewees

Expansion — by Ashley Davis Prend

Tango With Me — by Lucy Therrien

Losses — by Nancy Donovan

Figure in Front of a Mantel — by Jane Vacante

For Grace, My Granite Girl — by Tammi Truax

Musings at the new year — by Fred Samuels

Be the Dog — by Jane Eslinger

Berkeley's Trees — by Lindsay Rigg Brown

Silent Siren — by Meghan Harford

Trouble with the Moon — by Bill Burtis

Temptress - by Midge Goldberg

White Morning - by Cleopatra Mathis

On a Friday Evening - by Carrie Reed

The Little Boy - by Hugh Harter

The Secrets of Wine - by Matthew Gallant

Kitchen Remodeling - by Robert Crawford

The Core of the Navel Crux - by Maggie Kemp

Geography Master - by Gerald Duffy

Swim on a Star -  by Hugh Hennedy

Tell me what I don't know for sure - by Rhonda Palmer

Formica Makes a Passive Witness - by Todd Abernathy

Interior - by Margaret Morrill

August - by Mark DeCarteret

Author's Prayer - by Ilya Kaminsky

The Lilac Thief - by Young Dawkins

Down to This: A Song about the Rain - by Kathi Hennessy

Also see these 2003 - 2005 hoot poems heard & reviewed by John Perrault:

Cyprus is Calling - by Alda Irons

The Making of Angels - by Jennifer Belkus

Junior Scientist -  by John-Michael Albert

Let Me Weep This Time - by Trina Daigle

A Snowstorm - by Robert Dunn

Walkers - by Neil English

F-14 Dithyramb - by Joy Starr

Rainy Nights - by Jean Pedrick

Black Lace - by Katherine Solomon

Restless, Oh Restless - by Charles W. Pratt

Necrophilia II - by the late, great Joann Lipshires

Medusa's Sisters - by Patricia Frisella

The Canvas of War,
Vancouver Art Gallery
- by Leslie Kimball The Canvas of War, Vancouver Art Gallery - by Leslie Kimball The Canvas of War, Vancouver Art Gallery - by Leslie Kimball

Eudora - by Matt Jasper

Bill - by Pat Parnell

The Oudayas Gardens, Afternoon - by Hugh A. Harter

Morning Prayer - by Marshall Moore

Vocabulary - by Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve

The Slow Taste of Eden - by Andrew Periale 

Doing Time  - by Betsy Scholl  
Chill It - by the late, great Esther Buffler



All are invited to attend The Poetry Hoot, held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7p.m. at Café Espresso in Plaza 800 on Islington Street. Get Directions.